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By Bob Brown, Edited with an Introduction by Craig Saper
Foreword by K. A. Wisniewski

ISBN: 978-0-692-99110-7

Poetry // Literary History & Criticism

34 pages.

December 2017

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About the Book:
Bob Brown (1886-1959) was an American writer and publisher, central to the pulp fiction factory of the early twentieth century, the expatriate avant-garde in France, and the Bohemian arts scene in Greenwich Village in the 1950s.  Originally published in 1933, Houdini was a pamphlet-length book part of The Modern Edition poetry series, under the editorial direction of Kathleen Tankersley Young.  This new edition includes a Foreword by K. A. Wisniewski, an Introduction by Craig Saper, and a new cover and text design.  It is the latest title from the revamped Roving Eye Press, the press originally started by Brown in 1930.