By Bob Brown,
Edited with an Introduction by Craig Saper

Contributions by: Anna Banana, Charles Bernstein,
Jeremy Braddock, Jonathan Eburne, and Kaja Marczweska.

ISBN-10:  0692432469
ISBN-13:  978-0692432464

Experimental Poetry // Visual Poetry // Art 

April 2015


Originally published in 1929, Bob Brown's 1450-1950 is a collection of hand-written, "optical" poems." This parodic set of "scratches" extends and challenges the legacy Gutenberg's standardized type set and blurs the boundaries between scribbles, art, and literature. In this new edition, scholar and Brown biographer Craig Saper offers a new introduction to the work with several new contributions from artists, poets, and critics paying homage to Brown's impact on the Beat movement, LANGUAGE poetry, and the field of digital modernism.

"Eyes of Globe", Courtesy of Charles Bernstein.

"Eyes of Globe", Courtesy of Charles Bernstein.